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Mexico is really a big nation and significantly differs by the location you’re staying in

Mexico is really a big nation and significantly differs by the location you’re staying in

Locations to remain in Mexico

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you will find coastline towns, valley regions, gorgeous colonials towns when you look at the hills and everything in between. Northern Mexico is richer than Southern Mexico.

The current physical violence in Mexico means it is wise to prevent some areas. It is best to avoid border towns (there’s nothing much there anyhow with the exception of Tijuana, which large amount of enjoyable).

I’d state the top towns are safe and vacation that is popular are entirely safe. All things considered, the very last thing the Mexican federal government would wish is for other nations to boycott Mexico after having a tourist gets killed in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

okay, let’s speak about the cities that are major areas. First, you can’t ignore Mexico City. In reality, I’m guessing that’s likely to be the true point of entry for a lot of gringos.

We chatted a complete great deal about Mexico City prior to, but I want to simply reiterate: it is awesome. It’s one of many biggest towns within the world, so might there be tons of activities to do: from cultural material to restaurants to clubs to other things you would like.

Additionally, there are a lot of places to satisfy ladies. Due to the fact town is really large, approaching females is not hard because you have actually this anonymity feeling within the big town.

There are a great deal of communities from bohemian (Condessa and Roma) to more working class such as Balbuena.

It’s a populous town that I wholeheartedly suggest (get an Airbnb in Condessa), meet feamales in the middle or Park Chapultepec.