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42% of people using dating application Tinder currently have someone, promises report

42% of people using dating application Tinder currently have <a href="">live escort reviews Birmingham</a> someone, promises report

Studies company GlobalWebIndex also says that 62per cent of the app’s consumers were guys, while hinting that Tinder’s brand-new premium tier could find on

Tinder customers aren’t all unmarried, per a written report by GlobalWebIndex.

Tinder try to reputation as a matchmaking app for tech-savvy unmarried group. Except, because ends up, a huge chunk of its consumers may not be unmarried all things considered.

That’s per data company GlobalWebIndex (GWI), which introduced some figures on Tinder from the most recent study in excess of 47,000 online users internationally that recommend the software possess a wide demographic.

Actually, the analysis says that 30per cent of Tinder customers interviewed include partnered, while another 12% have a partnership. 54per cent classified by themselves as single, while 3per cent had been separated or widowed.

Tinder can also be a digital stomping floor for wedded men, by GWI’s report that 62percent of their consumers include male and 38percent women.

The analysis in addition demonstrates, unsurprisingly, that Tinder’s users are a relatively young group, with 38% elderly between 16 and 24, and 45% between 25 and 34.

13percent include elderly 35-44, 3% were 45-54 and 1per cent tend to be 55-64 – although if research in belated 2014 that Tinder got 50 million active consumers had been real, that will nevertheless indicate half a million folks in that earliest get older group interviewed.